Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Beerwolf - Magick Warbird

The trio of troublemakers from Tampa known as BEERWOLF ingest a few too many mushrooms and take us on a wild and colourful journey with "Magick Warbird", from their album "Planetfall" (released digitally by the band in 2017 and physically by Ripple Music in 2018).

About the song, the band says: "'Magick Warbird’ was written as a love letter to the roots of metal and rock n’ roll, where life is poetic and mythical but dripping sweat and wrapped around thick riffs. It’s what the wizard painted on the back of your Econoline would be listening to, unabashedly so”.

BEERWOLF consists of:

Jason Kleim – Vocal and Bass Guitar
Matthew Howland – Lead Guitar
AJ Prasad – Wooden and Metal Circles

A beautiful beer haze vinyl white with cosmic blue and star white splatter.

Enjoy this smoke laden groove rock dragon riders of the riff-filled lands.

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