Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Dahmers - To The Night

As dusk settles in and night time approaches THE DAHMERS rise from their coffins once more. Like bloodthirsty creatures of rock n roll they will burst out into the moonlight leaving solitude behind on a rampage for terror.

Today's tune "To The Night" is an nerve breaking tune dedicated to the darkest of hours, dirty sound and sharp melodies made of mutation of garage punk, energic rock and 60s pop makes the tune a Frankenstein's monster of music. It's taken from the album "In The Dead Of Night".

THE DAHMERS formed during the year of 2011 in the quiet town of Bromölla, Sweden.

Take the primitive energy of punk and mix it with THIN LIZZY guitars that strike like lightning. Add melodies that will stay in your head like a leech to your eye and lyrics that would make Dario Argento and George Romeros work sound like bedtime stories. Now your starting to understand what THE DAHMERS are all about, an ambitious band that’s not afraid to throw all of their influences into the mix.

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