Friday, 15 December 2017

Arcadea - Army of Electrons

5 billion years after the last great extinction, where the impending collision of galaxies creates a new order of planets. Where cold, distant moons pledge alliance to new suns and expanding gas giants implode into black holes. Ancient drones, forever adrift, record toxic tales of love between dying stars. Where lifeforms in suspended animation, dream among the ice rings of Saturn and cosmic war wages among gods and planets. It is in this universe that ”Arcadea" reign supreme as the last surviving space wizards since the final extinction. The galaxy Andromeda spins headlong into the Milky Way with three intergalactic travelers in tow.

Drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor (MASTODON), Guitarist/keyboardist Core Atoms (ZRUDA, GAYLORD) and Keyboardist/guitarist Raheem Amlani (WITHERED, SCARAB) are said pioneers, the space wizards of psychedelic soundscapes where organic drums collide with synthetic keys to create an infinite transmission from an event horizon. They go by ARCADEA and their otherworldly brand of psyche-electric, synth-driven, metallic madness sounds alien yet somehow familiar.
ARCADEA's visionary, self-produced, self-titled debut was mastered by Colin Leonard (MASTODON) and features stunning cover art from renowned sci-fi fantasy artist Essy May.

”Arcadea” is 10 tune electronic commodore 64 odyssey with influences of MASTODON, recorded at Orange Peel Studios in Atlanta, GA. The self-titled debut record was released via Relapse Records this June.

Unlike their other bands, ARCADEA uses only keyboards in a unique blend of crushing, organic drums and psychedelic synthesizers. The music is at once electronic but not electronica, synthetic but not processed, heavy but not metal.

Today’s tune "Army of Electrons”, taken from the self titled debut album ”Arcadea”.

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