Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Mutoid Man - Kiss Of Death

MUTOID MAN and their sophomore full-length album, "War Moans” takes the position 26 on this years Top 50 Best Albums 2017.

These three-man crew of crazy talented musicians. Featuring Cave In guitarist-vocalist Steve Brodsky, CONVERGE drummer Ben Koller and Vermefug bassist Nick Cageao, MUTOID MAN stirred up some buzz with 2015’s ”Bleeder”, read about it here!.

"Everyone knows that Tom Jones deflowered Elvira, and by her own account she was nearly torn in half by his legendary girth,” Brodsky recounts. “I like to imagine 'Kiss of Death' playing during that scene - easily the most painfully heavy jam on the new album.” Indeed! MUTOID MAN bring the chunky riffs throughout “Kiss of Death”.

A beautiful blue version on Vinyl
Enjoy today’s tune "Kiss of Death”, were in the video they are performing live from God City Studios.

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