Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Elder - Staving Off Truth

ELDER, the heavy psych band hailing from Boston, USA with their fourth full length album "Reflections of a Floating World” reaches the 6th place on the Tune of The Day's TOP 100 album list of the Best Albums 2017.

This is an album that suits the autumn darkness that hides on the doormat. The main man Nick DiSalvo claims that COLOUR HAZE and DUNGEN are "the bands that have really influenced the methodology or the philosophy behind the new direction". I see the point, as that is something that's bubbles in ELDERS music, even if the sound is pretty varied and heavily based around rock and metal and engine steams heaviness and riffs from bands like BLACK SABBATH and SLEEP and some psychedelia from ELECTRIC WIZARD.

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Today’s tune ”Staving Off Truth” the clip is recorded live at The Underworld, Camden, London, UK (9 August 2017)

The tune for real.

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Seance said...

Följer årsbästalistan med spänning hitintills har vi ett gemensamt band på våra årsbästalistor dock placerade sig bandet något högre på min lista.