Monday, 18 December 2017

Tune Of The Day - Top 50 - 2017 (50 - 41)

Now we almost reached the end of this year, it's December 18th and around this time of the year it's time to sum all the best that 2017 have given us Music vise.

Once again it has been a really good year album wise. More than shit loads of money have been spent on records this year, all of them is now going to fight for the top spots on Tune of the days Top 50 list, yes only 50 this year :) It was pretty much to do Top 100 even if it should not be a problem at all, but time vise it’s not possible this year, to much stuff going on, you know how it is. 2017 have been a pretty good year so this thing have been really hard to make, should I keep this or that …hehe, well I finally made it. Many good records have been released and I found out after a few days of big agony that this year did not have the typicall top notch album, the top 10 are all superb and to choose the nr 1 have been very hard, but after some spins and discussion with mr Hyde I made up my mind. So this is my choices and hope that some records might hook you up, might even that you as a reader might find a few new favourites and that you buy a few of them to support the artists that have put all their soul into the creation of all the wonderful tunes that serves here.

First up we present this year's best albums between 50 - 41. Where you get the first 10 at once. Today's tune will be publish later on this evening. So here we go!

50. Tequila Mockingbyrd – Fight and Flight
A modern RUNAWAYS that kicks ass! TEQUILA MOCKINGBYRD is something that have a really bright future ahead. Read the review here!

49. KSMB - Ond Saga
Even a old punker should dig this. Read the review here!

48. Electric Wizard – Wizard Bloody Wizard
Forty-three minutes of cranium-crushing bludgeon rock. Read about the single here!

47. The Diamond Man Clan – Mediocre
Gothenburg Blues and Dirty Stoner Rock with a folkish pop melody, hooky killer riffs that will stun you and great honest lyrics from a vocalist that kick ass. Read the Review here!

46. Inglorious – II
Classic Hard Rock, big guitar riffs, and soulful vocals.

45. Mammoth Mammoth – Mount The Mountain
Great rocker with some cool riffs that will suit your christmas barbecue well.

44. Kingnomad – Mapping The Inner Void
 "Mapping the Internal Void" gives you a record to remember, a dusky Swedish doom rock with qualitative retro flirts, should not be missed. Read about it here!

43. Black Star Riders – Heavy Fire
This is a fresh rock album with a good-old-grey legacy. Read the review here!

42. Soen – Lykaia
 SOEN's most cohesive, powerful and congruent creative quest yet. Read about Lucidity here!

41. Leprous – Malina
Another great effort by the Norwegian quintet, with their fifth studio album “Malina”.

Today's tune comes a little later, it will one of these, don't miss it.

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