Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Night Flight Orchestra – Something Mysterious

"Amber Galactic", THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRAs (NFO), third album reaches the 5th place on the Tune of The Day's TOP 100 album list of the Best Albums 2017.

"Amber Galactic" is a very fun record to play, it's old but very modern. It's very well made, both song and lyrics wise, the production have a very good quality. Read the review here!

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA is here to set you free, to invite you to enjoy music in whatever form it is presented. For this particular journey, we’d like you to follow us into space, but who knows where we’ll go next! After entering the NFO universe, you won’t ever be the same!”

Today’s tune "Something Mysterious” where the clip is recorded Live at Rock Hard Festival 2017

Here is the Official music video for "Something Mysterious.

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