Monday, 11 November 2013

Adrift For Days - Gravity Well

New week and it's time to unpack up this week's "Record Of The Week". The Australia’s smoked-out, psychedelic doom-droners Adrift for Days with the album "Come Midnight..." is the band that gets this weeks price.

The band consists of:

Mick Kaslik - vocals, drone flute, micro-korg, fx
Steve Kachoyan - drums
Matt Williams - bass
Ron Prince - guitars
Lachlan Dale - guitars
Michael Taverner - live sound

Adrift for Days "Come Midnight..." is an heavy, dark and epic album with a space filled with drug-tinged drones. Like the perfect soundtrack for November. It's a  odyssey of amazing experimental The album contains 6 sublime tracks that clocks over 70 minutes of noises that takes you out on a trip with amazing experimental sounds that touches the genres like Sludge, Stoner, Drone, Doom and Post Metal.

The album was released 13 July 2012, Recorded and mixed at 301 Studios by Tim Carr and Mastered at 301 Studios by Andrew Edgson.

Order "Come Midnight..." on a gatefold 2x12" LP  available now:  100 x clear/black splatter vinyl 200 x black vinyl.

Adrift for Days has conceived me, this a hell of a album of Modern Sludge/Stoner Metal.  If this and anything noisy takes your fancy, then this something for you.

Todays tune "Gravity Well" is taken from this "Come Midnight..."

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Jaha. Ännu en skiva att lägga i undersöka mera för att sen köpa-högen...!

Stones said...

Haha förlåt :)