Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Magnus Uggla - Jag Skiter

Gather round good people, because Spader Ess is here to tell you about times in his youth when he was influenced by a man called Magnus Uggla. (Don’t you just love people who talk of themselves in third person? :-))

The Swedish artist that goes by the name of Magnus Uggla was a great part of the music that paved the base of my musical foundation. And I can tell you right away, that he still holds a big place in my heart. Playing one of his older albums always works for me, and it’s sure to put a smile of nostalgia on my face.

Mr. Uggla started his career, which has been more or less a very solid one throughout the years, in 1975 with the album "Om Bobo Viking" (About Bobo Viking), followed the year after with "Livets Teater" (Theater of Life). Those two albums didn’t leave any bigger marks on the Swedish music scene at the time. And it wasn’t until 1977, when he released the album with the short and smooth title, "Va ska man ta livet av sig för när man ändå inte får höra snacket efteråt" (Why should you kill yourself when you still can’t hear what is said afterward), that he made his big breakthrough. This was the first album that I heard with him, and it was instant love. It had a nice touch of tongue in cheek and vibe of youth rebellion and poppy punk.
Magnus also was a strange mix of over class gone wild, as he is from a noble family and had a very rowdy persona. And with a record that was a masterpiece in capturing what we (me and my friends) at least thought to be the essence of being a young adult, what’s not to like about that.

The upcoming years he gave us some incredible records in the same spirit. "Vittring" (Scent), "Den ljusnande Framtid är Vår" (The brightening future is ours) and not to forget the live album "Godkänd Pirat, Live!" (Approved Pirate, Live!) Not that many albums, I know.

After this he drifted away towards a more traditional Pop music, often spiced with witty lyrics.
But from that point, I must confess, that even if Magnus has been a really productive artist (he has made over ten albums since then) and witty singer, the spark was lost for me. I still do like him as an artist, and I like some of his newer stuff too, even the two oldest records is very fond to me today, but it doesn’t come close to the feelings he aroused in my teenage heart with those four albums I mentioned earlier.

Magnus Uggla - Jag Skiter

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