Monday, 15 October 2012

Black Sabbath - Hole In The Sky

This weeks album is a album that ment very much to me.

It came out in June 1975 and I got for my birthday.

Black Sabbath - Sabotage

Its strength and heavyness at this time was rare and it really communicated to me.
Nearly all of the tracks on it is itself a top tune.
Megalomania, Magnificent!
Supertzar..that tune i really love, its fucking brilliant.
And The Writ.. WOW this is great. All of Music wrote:
"The Writ, one of the few Sabbath songs where his vocal lines are more memorable than Tony Iommi´s guitar parts; running through several moods over the course of the song's eight minutes, it's one of the best performances of his career, bar none."

Sabotage was a good follower to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

I have choosen Hole In The Sky from this great album.

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Ladys and Gents, Here is Black Sabbath With Hole In The Sky!

Cheers, Thetania

This video has crap sound so Ill give u a sound only on the next video.

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Fantastisk skiva. Och låt. Tack!!!

Thetania said...

Varse goo Kära du!