Monday, 14 September 2009

The Osmonds - Crazy Horses

Im doing a flashback here ;)

I was a big fan....dont laughf of The Osmonds brothers...
Most of all I loved their album "The Plan"
a mormon concept album with progressive rock aspirations,
yes these guys are mormons.

Ah well.. they are MANY lemme count.
Musicians are Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay,
Donny, Marie, and Jimmy.
There are 2 big brothers as well, George Virl jr and Tom
they were born deaf and did not perform.
So they are 9 totall, cred to that mum!

I was like totally into them, my friend, she loved Donny.
I didnt wanna be like everyone else so i picked the middle bro
Merrill the base player, he much more awesome :)

Listen to this song thats more rock in it.

Love Thetania

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