Sunday, 27 September 2009

Bigelf - Money, It's Pure Evil

Bigelf are an L.A. trio whose music has largely been met with apathy stateside, though in Europe they seem to be getting a foothold with Record Heaven, a Swedish label. As you already notice from the last 2 days we have been documented the Progressive Nation tour. Big Elf was the 3:rd band on this tour and its a band that is growing bigger in Europe. Fox as lead man with his big black high hat on his head and you can feel that you step back 30 yrs. of music when they enter the stage and you see Fox behind his Hammond Organ on one side and a Moog on the other. And they surly deliver their music well and its great to see them act, i hope i will be able to see them again soon, a full show with these guys would be awesome. And thanks Damon for the shirt, i will wear it with pride. Their records "Hex" are a heavy, Sabbaths riffs, such as on the lead off "Madhatter" or the frantic "Sunshine Suicide". There's classic keyboard solos throughout and plenty of Hammond organ, Mellotrons and Moog synths with 70s retro sounds and arrangements. The latest album "Cheat The Gallows" .The album features 10 diverse tracks of hallucinatory hard rock, BIGELF's sound blends Hendrix and with a touch of BEATLES tunefulness that will work well with classic hard rock fans, vintage prog-heads and heavy metal enthusiasts alike. Aside from Demon Fox and Ace Mark, Bigelf also consists of drummer Froth and bass player Duffy Snowhill. Even their names are impressive!

"Hex" and their latest "Cheat The Gallows" is albums that i warmly recommend if you like the 70's style of rock.

Todays tune is "Money, It's Pure Evil" taken from their latest album "Cheat the gallows" Enjoy!

Money, It's Pure Evil

More info @ Bigelf Official Website or Bigelf at MySpace

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