Monday, 7 September 2009

Mr Big - To Be With You

Tonight is the night for Mr Big, they will be playing at Berns for at-least 2 hrs with tunes from their musical carrier of rock.
As far as i heard, the guys are in superb condition and really enjoying to be back on track again, to bad that i cant be there tonight *tears* but hopefully they will enter the studio for a new album and then out on the road again and perhaps they do a little visit again to Sweden.

"To Be with You" is a song that appears on the album "Lean into It" released in 1991. "To Be With You" is about a man who has his eye on a woman who has recently experienced a broken heart from a previous relationship. The song was written and composed by Eric Martin during his teen years. Paul contributed to its melodic arrangements later on. In his solo career Mr. Big, guitarist Paul Gilbert performed the song live using the riff from the Van Halen song "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love".


And we have a little Mr Big Bonus today!!
Yesterday did they played in Helsinki, Finland. Here is a great solo thing with Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan from yesterday with their doublenecks.

More info @ Official Mr. Big site

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