Monday, 20 September 2021

Deafheaven - Infinite Granite

Monday, time for us to introduce "Record Of The Week".

"Infinite Granite" is the fifth album by San Francisco shoegaze rockers DEAFHEAVEN.

With "Infinite Granite" the band is departing from the harsh intensity black gaze to the softer and gentler sounds. A pretty bold move and they will probably lose some loyal fans along the way but will probably fish up significantly more.

"Infinite Granite" is really the album where the shoegaze is the main ingredient of this creation, sure there are a few elements that could be referred to as the old path with some blast beats in the background, screaming background blackened choirs in tunes like the "Villain". But mostly we will get a clean singing George Clarke, soft playing Kerry McCoy and Shiv Mehra that handles their instruments guitars, and synthesizers beautifully. Powerful tunes with big choruses, atmospheric landscapes, melodic passages are something that they do very well and show that they keep the balance between each other, this can clearly be heard in tunes like the two first singles "The Gnashing" and "Great Mass Of Color". "In Blur" is the third single that goes in a melancholic way and has a gauzy video, see it below. The sci-fi drained "Neptune Raining Diamonds" is a true beauty. "Lament For Wasps" is a guitar-driven piece with some popish sound, or the opening "Shellstar" is an uplifting piece. The closing tune "Mombasa" that ticks in a little over eight-minute are a marvelous ending with some acoustic guitar strumming and beautiful vocals that should be listened to true headphones where you will get lost in the atmospheric landscape that the band is making for you. Some blackened parts will come in the end. Even if you are an old DEAFHEAVEN fan, I ask you to give this a chance before you dismiss it, I think it is completely magical and it deserves attention.

"Infinite Granite" was produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen (M83, PARAMORE, JIMMY EAT WORLD) and is a former member of BECK and NINE INCH NAILS touring bands.

Sum: This is a bold move with an impressive result.

Line Up:
George Clarke - Vocals
Kerry McCoy - Guitar/Synthesizers
Shiv Mehra - Guitar/Synthesizers
Chris Johnson - Bass
Daniel Tracy - Drums

Today's tune "In Blur" is taken from "Infinite Granite", enjoy!

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