Saturday, September 3, 2016

Blues Funeral - The Search

BLUES FUNERAL is band that blends 60's and 70's inspired rock with a metal twist. Riffs, solos, groove and swirling Hammond organ abound!

Formed in late 2014 in Houston, TX by Jan Kimmel (guitar, Sanctus Bellum), Cory Cousins (drums, Sanctus Bellum) and Maurice Eggenschwiler (guitar, Sanctus Bellum), BLUES FUNERAL plays a unique brand of 60’s and 70’s infused music with a metal twist. Experienced upright bass player, Gabe Katz, decided to tip his bass over and play it through an amp to complete the band’s lineup.

The band name, inspired by the 1969 Groundhogs cut, “Blues Obituary”, is an ode to many of the group's influences including classic bands like: DEEP PURPLE, BLUE OYSTER CULT, MOUNTAIN, BLACK SABBATH, CREAM, THIN LIZZY, JIMI HENDRIX, etc.

In their prior project, the trio has shared the stage with acts like: PENTAGRAM, ST. VITUS, TROUBLE, ORANGE GOBLIN, KYLESSA and many others.

Though BLUES FUNERAL explores new musical territory for the trio, it will still feel like snake’s venom with a twist of absinthe under a purple sky.

Today's tune "The Search" is the title song taken from the bands debut. The tune have a great progressive atmospheres. Enjoy! The Video is recorded Live @ Fitzgerald's Houston - 5-08-15

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