Friday, 10 June 2016

Honkeyfinger - Got This Rage

HONKEYFINGER is a one man band, one man show.

He comes from Bethnal Green and plays skronk blues beast rock. Stripped back and amped up - the sound of one heavy assed live band hotwired through one body. Lapsteel twisted and fuzzed to hell like you never heard before, guttural screeching harmonica, a-rhythmic floor drum pounding, paraplegic beatbox looping, and wild dog howling is the HONKEYFINGER way.

Start with pre-war country blues. Forget the 1950s and 60s post war celebration pop shit - ffwd to the early 70s amped up diddleybeat protometal fuzzgroove of Detroit, SABBATH, BLUE CHEER. . . ffwd to punk rock and messed hip hop . . end up with present stomp box loop gizmos and a valve driven fuzz arsenal made from Russian tank parts. HONKEYFINGER is born.

THE HONKEYFINGER is the one that's incessantly tapping, searching, prodding bloated guts for forgotten rhythms, reaching deep down the throat of a primal consciousness to regurgitate what's lost from our slick modern capitalist lives. The debut Album "Invocation of The Demon Other" is 15 tracks of love, loss, anger, rage, and deep frustration. Bringing light to the dark repressed depths of the human soul. All delivered with the power of a singularly uncompromised vision of 21st century rock music and the burning desire to transcend all limitations.

Today's tune "Got This Rage" is taken from his album "Invocation of the Demon Other", the video was filmed live at 2nd annual Deep Blues Festival. Washington County Fairgrounds, Lake Elmo MN. Day 2, July 19, 2008.

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