Monday, 2 March 2015

Danko Jones - Do You Wanna Rock

New week and it's time to present this week's "Record of the Week".

"Fire Music" is the seventh record by Canadian hard rock music ensemble DANKO JONES. An album that oozes quality and displays not a single ounce of fat. An accurate and stylish album where the punchy riffs are well planned and clearly marked. An record that could chance any stiff party to the best one you ever will visit! DANKO JONES continues his path of wickedly tongue-in-cheek sense of humour, without taken it to far to be to much.

The recruitment of the new drummer Rich Knox, who gives the band a "Sugar High" effect and forces Danko and JC to explore new extreme extravagances. You can hear new depths of Danko's vocals and writing, it got more energetic and eclectic intensity. "Fire Music" is done and dusted in little more than 35 minutes.

To Sum this up!

DANKO JONES delivering a real roof-raising, party-starter, road-speeding Fire-music!

Today's tune "Do You Wanna Rock" is an instantly appealing cowbelled boogie that dutifully delivers as advertised!

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