Friday, 5 December 2014

The Order Of Israfel - Wisdom

There are bands that are just too big and wide-ranging to fit in a box, likeThe Order Of Israfel. Tom Sutton (ex-Church Of Misery) and Patrik Andersson Winberg (ex Doomdogs) two members of the line-up, already have made it in the Doom scene, so this is a sure indication that this band will break any speed records. And of course,

The Order Of Israfel are rooted in Doom, but they shouldn’t be reduced to the pure slow-motion sound, because Wisdom is clearly too complex. Wisdom is a record of big gestures and stories and is full of epic beauty and magic. This is not music to be consumed just casually, but a widescreen sound with invitation to dive into tempting and dangerous world. Doom, Hard Rock, Metal, Folk - The Order Of Israfel play with many elements and form a compact unit out of it, with songs to never get boring. A mystical and mysterious album with a high potential to get addicted to. In short: An entry made to measure!

Todays tune is the title track taken from "Wisdom", the debut full-length album from the Swedish Heavy Rock/Metal Band.

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