Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Best of 2014

Time to sum up the year 2014.

The year has been superb regarding music releases, crazy indeed.

I do not make any protocol or markings on a paper on all my purchase of records, but noted that most of what is purchased in 2014 remains on the floor and should be sorted in as soon as i get some time over. Lots of tiles are still covered in plastic, because time did not exist to sink into a new record. This may well be one of the reasons that the top 20 is so sprawling this year. I did a fast count and notice that I have baught ruffly 250 new records during 2014 and all this are Vinyls of course :)

A year that have been a bit messy on a personal level. Creativity has been quite low this year, that includes my painting that have remained completely stagnation, which is really not good. I guess that a "New Year" promisses must set to be albe to change it. I will snatch up and try to take in 2015 with open arms and create the best year I can.

A few musical adventures have been done 2014, not as far as massive as 2013 was but here is some sort of summery.

Lost count of the gigs that have been made, around 50 that I can count of top my head.

Here is a list of the gigs that have been made taken from the top of my head, impressive list huh?

1;st, various galas and other events, starting off with

Idrottsgalan, VK - Vinter Konferansen, Academic Work, Melodifestivalen, TV Producenternas Pris, Tele2 Awards, Monster Jam, OS Hjältarna, Bardiabetesfonden, . Where artists like Samantha Fox, Tomas Ledin, Titiyo, Darin, Eric Saade etc have performed at.

2;nd, the festivals,

Sthlm Fields, Summerburst, Bråvalla, Way Out West, Size The Park and Kent Fest where acts like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, David Guetta, Avicii, Eric Prydz, Sebjak, Adrian Lux, John Dahlbäck, Anthrax, The Clutch, Ghost, Mastodon, Placebo among others.

3;rd some various shows, small club show to big arena concerts.

Craft, Black Stone Cheery, Clean Bandit, Morrissey, Peter Gabriel, Robin Williams, Monster Magnet among others 

And for last, 2 Tours have been made with Melodifestivalen and Hong Faux with D-A-D

So the part that is best during the 2014.

Best Arena Concert:
 Peter Gabriel - So - Globen, Stockholm. What a show, god damm.

Best Festival Concert:
Iron Maiden - Bråvalla Festivalen

Best Swedish Stoner:
Monolord - Empress Rising 

Best Swedish Rock:
Greenleaf - Trails & Passes   

Best Swedish Metal:

 Vanhelgd - Relics Of Sulphur Salvation 
Best Looking T-shirt: Grizzlyman

Best Looking Hoodie 2014: Messhuggah

Best Beer: Mohawk Blizzard
Best Whiskey: Yamazaki.

Best Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
Best Festival: Way Out West
This Year's most active concert-goer: LG-Petrov (Same procedure as last year, hehe. he is everywere)

Best Blog: Heavy Metale, With an incredible variation of posts were you can find your evening beer and record.

Best Art: Tomas Johansson
Best Tour Poster: Pearl Jam - Stockholm 2014

20. Accept - Blind Rage 
19. Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel 
18. Electric Wizard - Time To Die 
17. Truckfighters - Universe 
16. Monolord - Empress Rising 
15. Ancient Ascendant – Echoes And Cinder 
14. At The Gates – At War With Reality 
13. Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways 
12. Bloodbath – Grand Morbid Funeral 
11. Mastodon – Once More Round The Sun 
10. Conan - Blood Eagle 
9. Crobot - Something Supernatural 
8. Vanhelgd - Relics Of Sulphur Salvation 
7. Opeth – Pale Communion 
6. Royal Blood - Royal Blood 
5. Greenleaf - Trails & Passes 
4. Pallbearer - Foundations Of Burden 
3. Agalloch – The Serpent & The Sphere 
2. Rival Sons - Great Western Valkyrie 
1. Sólstafir - Ótta

This year instruments effort:
Chimes at Midnight - MASTODON where the whole band gets credit for their actions. Where great riff carries the song and intermingled with heavy slow melodic riffs, and an incredible drumming side by side with the bass and vocals that keep the course on track.
This year vocal performance:
Jay Buchanan in Rival Sons without a doubt. He takes a note and one gets goose bumps, powerful.

This year most twisted:

Jack White - Lazaretto vinyl !!

The album plays in three different speeds, ie, the standard 33 1/3, 45 rpm and 78 rpm. If not that would be enough. So does the A-side backwards, in addition there are hidden tracks under the label. How screwed is not this, So let me know.

This year flop:

"Aelita" of Mando Diao. That the band takes out their turns is something we found out at the previous release, it was a brilliant move and the album was exemplary, but now it has gone a little too far, this is not good.

This year most unexpected:
That AT THE GATES "At War With Reality" would keep such a high class after 19 years, would probably no one think it was possible.

This year's most anticipated:
That AC/DC released an album that sounds just like AC/DC.

This year personal findings:

Many discoveries have been made this year, putting my vote on the British Royal Blood and their self-titled debut, a cruel swing for being a duo.

This year sleeping pill:

Alcest - "Shelter", ugh what boring record this is.

This year cover / package:
"Tellurian" - SOEN, a magical cover that has nothing whatsoever to do with rock, move your eyes closer you understand, ingeniously good.

When it comes to packaging, then it goes without hesitation to re-release are on Led Zeppelin's first five, which are really nice and lavish, thinking of the deluxe box editions.
This year gig:

Monster Magnet at Klubben, Stockholm, January 21. Great to see that they are back with flag at the top.
This years tune:
Lágnætti of SÓLSTAFIR. So beautiful, I am so touched that the tears almost falls.

Tune Of The Day wish you all a Happy New Year!! Today's tune will be released a bit later on today!


Christofer said...

Så mycket trevligt på en och samma lista. Gott Nytt år!

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Verkligen fantastisk lista. Oväntade för utmärkelsen!!!

Spader Ess said...

Imponerande lista som vanligt. Gott Nytt År!!