Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Sólstafir - Ótta

Number 1 on Tune Of The Days best album list of year 2014 is the Icelandic four-piece Sólstafir.

It's a challenging record, but satisfying in kind and universal in its expressiveness.

"Ótta"is like a seductive cocktail of something to come. They touch something ancient and timeless. An atmospheric shoegaze psychedelic metal appetizers that captivates the listener. The album has excellent production with a great mood and structure, it will touch you deeply within its beauty and leave a mark that can't be washed away even if you used the most heaviest dirt remover. You will play this record over and over again, I have and you will! Just lean back, close your eyes, take your time and lose yourself in this masterpiece called "Ótta"!

Todays tune "Lágnætti" is a very elegant well-shaped tune, enjoy!

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