Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stoned Jesus - I'm The Mountain

It's not every day you hear great music from one such anonymously and faraway country like Ukraine and it's always fun when that finnaly happens, this is really such a coincidence. 

Stoned Jesus is a Ukrainian stoner metal band from Kiev. The band formed in 2009 and is signed to the record label InshaMuzyka.

Stoned Jesus performs a blend of stoner rock with doom metal. Their music takes influences from progressive rock, alternative metal, folk metal, and psychedelic rock. Their lyrics usually focus on emotions and occultism. And i just can say that this is really good, a nice flow in the tones and the vocals have a bit folkish tone that blends well in the melodies.

Todays tune "I'm The Mountain" is taken from the bands second album "Seven Thunders Roar"

Stoned Jesus - I'm The Mountain - Live @ Underground Music Hall, Kiev 16/05 201

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