Friday, 21 February 2014

Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker - Wasted Time

Robert Pehrsson is a Swedish guitarist, singer & song writer. He has worked for such diverse bands such as Runemagick, Thunder Express, Death Breath, Dundertåget, Imperial State Electric, Slingblade and also Dagger. Robert Pehrsson started his career as a guitarist/vocalist around 88-89, then concentrating mainly on playing extreme music like thrash and early death metal, but soon branched out in different musical genres but mainly focusing on rock music.

Pehrsson has now completed his first (solo) album for High Roller Records containing songs such as the guitar-driven “Haunt My Mind”, “Who Else Is On Your Mind” or the soft rockin' “Can't Change”.

The self-titled album combines yearning Thin Lizzy-esque guitar harmonies with tight classic rock hooks. Heartfelt and honest, it hits with confessional hymns to a lost age of guitar-driven rock.

Recorded at Gutterview Recorders, the nine songs feature guest spots by well-known musicians such as Nicke Andersson, Dolf De Borst and Tomas Eriksson from Imperial State Electric, Peter Stjärnvind (Nifelheim, Black Trip), Joseph Tholl (Enforcer, Black Trip), Robert Eriksson (ex The Hellacopters), Olle Dahlstedt (Entombed), Johan Bäckman (Necrocourse) and Johannes Borgström.

Todays tune "Wasted Time" is the second single from the self titled solo album "Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker" by Robert Pehrsson.

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