Tuesday, 4 January 2022

The Snuts - Juan Belmonte

Scottish 4-piece THE SNUTS have been on the rise recently, with their newest album they have recived alot of play time on the radio and spotify where the tune popped up after a record that I was listning the other day. Sometimes the follow up tunes are intressting and fun to hear.

The tune I heard was the catchy "Juan Belmonte" which gets stuck in your head. Great groove, a nice vocals, check it out below.

THE SNUTS are a Scottish indie rock band formed in 2015, originating from West Lothian, Scotland. They have performed across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The band consists of Jack Cochrane (vocals and guitar), Joe McGillveray (guitar), Callum '29' Wilson (bass) and Jordan 'Joko' Mackay (drums) and was formed when the members were in school.

Today's tune "Juan Belmonte" is taken from the debut studio album "W.L." by Scottish indie rock band, released on 2 April 2021 through Parlophone. The video clip is at Gorbals Sound. THE SNUTS are already beginning to craft an undeniably magnetic following, having captured the imagination of fans across Scotland with their early demos and infamously anthemic, all-encompassing live show. The band performed their much-anticipated debut headliner at Glasgow's legendary King Tuts in December 2017, having sold out in a matter of hours. Backing Vocals courtesy of Soul Nation Choir: Stefanie Black, Pamela Strachan, Chelsea Larkins. Brass Section: Trumpet - Philip Cardwell, Trombone - Anoushka Nanguy & Tuba - Andreas Theocharous.

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