Saturday, 27 May 2017

Burn Pilot - Hit the City

A german three-piece psychedelic garage rock band that kicks ass. With an fantastic variety and great energy an album like "The Taurus Triangle" sees the light and by random a tune found it's way to Sweden.

BURN PILOT was founded in 2005. A band that have released a bunch of album already.

Released "CHEVY TIMEMACHINE" in 2007
Did not release "FREE AT LAST" in 2008
Released "RIOTS IN JERUSALEM" in 2009
Released "BOHEMIAN TRAUMA" in 2010
Released "REVEAL" in 2011
Released "PASSIONATE" in 2012
Released "INTENSE" in 2014
Released "The Taurus Triangle" in 2016

They played their asses off on approx. 500 gigs in Europe and the U.S.

Today's tune "Hit The City" where BURN PILOT performs live at RAMA Studio in Mannheim. 100% live without overdubs. Enjoy!

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