Wednesday, 24 May 2017

In Flames - Here Until Forever

The Swedes metalheads IN FLAMES have released a new absolutely stunning video "Here Until Forever" taken from the latest album "Battles".

Anders Friden coments the tune:

"Here Until Forever" was written for my son. He's eight years old. I have this piece here, "Come Clarity", which I wrote for my daughter when she was two. And he's seen that, and he asked all the time, 'Daddy, where's my song?' And I don't think I'd been ready to write something that would make him justice. But now… yeah, I was ready. So that one is, obviously, the most personal one, because it's very directed towards one person, for me. But I think the lyric is open for interpretation; it could be for anyone — someone that you love, or someone that you missed, or someone that you have a special bond with."

Asked if his son has heard "Here Until Forever" and what he thought of it, Anders said: "He heard it. I think he cried the first time [he listened to it], 'cause he was so proud: 'This is about me.' And it's an important track, because we… You know, we are away [from each other] many months a year, and we have a little thing, me and him, for how we connect… If he feels sad and he wants to contact me, then we have a certain thing that I taught him to… so he feels safe."

He continued:
"I think he's super proud of that song. And then he can tell his friends, 'This is my song.' Stuff like that."

Today's tune "Here Until Forever" from In Flames newest album "Battles". This stunning animated clip, directed by award-winning Mexican filmmaker Luis Téllez (Jacinta, La Noria and Fusilaron a la Virgen), is a masterclass in stop motion animation

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