Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Avatarium - Avatarium

Number 6 on Tune Of The Days best album list of year 2013 is Leif Edling's new project Avatarium and the selftitled album.

It is a beautifully balanced blend of lush melodies and heavy riffs, where doom rock gets a new side by a feminine beauty of the talented singer Jennie Ann Smith.

The crushing doom of Candlemass may be prevalent through the album, but Avatarium’s 60s / 70s feel is also trippy, with a creepy and haunting vibe that makes space for moments of beautiful tranquility before pummeling you with surgically precise riffs of sheer Edling brilliance. Foremost among Avatarium’s not so secret weapons are the haunting vocals of Jennie-Ann Smith — they infuse the introspective, quiet passages with goosebump-inducing emotional power, and propel the heavier moments into a cathartic juggernaut of inspired doom intensity.

Todays tune "Boneflower" is taken from the selftitled album. Video by Eat the Danger Animation by Paul Ruttledge and Rory Kerr

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Spader Ess said...

Helt missat, men det här gillades. Fast, med Edling ombord, vem kunde tvivla. :-)

Stones said...

Kul att jag kunde överaska med en fin platta så här under Jul. Tycker gott du kan ge den ett varv eller två.