Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ghost - Monstrance Clock

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ghouls and Ghosts, welcome to the last one of the Spader Ess ramblings about bands and artists that i used to look up to, but somewhat lost interest in. There have been a few installments which have ended on quite a good note, and some that have not. And as this is the last one, I thought we might do a little special today and let the future be the judge of how this one ends.

As I get older, it seems like it’s harder and harder to spark the feeling of unconditional fandom. There is huge amounts of great music out there, and even if I from time to time get goosebumps from newly discovered music, the fact is that the plunge into utter fan worship is getting more and more sparse.But it still happens from time to time, even if it’s not with the same fire and total submission anymore.

One of the latest band that have sparked my interest a little extra is the Swedish occult band by the name of Ghost. Much of their appeal to me, besides the great music, is that they are giving me a bunch of extras. As I see it, there are at least three dimensions to what they bring to the table of the magic that grasps me.
First we have the music, the music always comes first. Papa and the ghouls have so far given me a steady mix of nostalgic hints to bands that i love, such as Blue Öyster Cult and Mercyful Fate among others. For me, that might be good enough, but the band just keep giving.

Secondly, they also add the dimension of mystery. They pick up the baton that, for example Kiss, dropped when unmasking themselves and moving from just being the kings of merch to the moguls of greed. And even if there are some quite good guesses out there of whom dwells behind the masks, I’m just content in not knowing for sure. For now, that’s just how I want it. And the mystery don’t stop there, you also have the lurking darkness, within the occult theme, that is shrouded in easy listening rock.

And as a third, but not least dimension, the intelligence of it all. Both in the lyrics and the message, and in the packaging as a whole.Normally i tend to go for the music and artists that plays from the heart. Here we have a band that is quite calculated. A band on a mission, and a mission that are mostly obscured to us listeners. Are they driven of some kind of conviction, or is it only shroud thinking and profit, or a mix? To be honest, I don’t know, but one thing I know for sure, is that it’s truly masterminded and they put a whole lot of hard work in it to entertain us (spiced with a hint of good fortune).

And that goes a long way in my book, whether it’s about the music, the mystery of it all, or the smartness of the concept. Where, and how long, this ride will take us I don’t know, but as long as they keep doing what they do, with the same amount of finesse, I will be along for the ride. If not for anything else than to see where it goes. The answer lies in the future.
Heck, they have already made me buy vinyl albums again, even after I sold the old vinyl collection and put my record player in storage. I will leave you with a video from Ghost, and bid you farewell for now. And as sure as this isn’t the first thing I have written about Ghost, it won’t be the last. You are always welcome to my own blog, Spader Ess, if you can stand the Swedish language or cope with Google translations, where I dwell with my mate Polarn’ Per. Or if you beg or bribe us hard enough we might consider translating. :-)

With this I bid you all adieu, it has been a blast and a big thanx to Stones and Thetania for giving me this opportunity.

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