Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Best Of 2013

Time to sum up the year 2013, there has been an eventful year with lots of musical adventure. The music has stand really high on the steps this year.

Over 100 gigs have been made with a around 150 artists, if you count the festivals, were 6 are done this year, then it would certainly double that. Think I've seen around 5 shows in a civil outfit if I count right. :)

Here is a list of the gigs that have been made taken from the top of my head, impressive list huh?

First, various galas and other events, starting off with
Idrottsgalan, VK - Vinter Konferansen, Academic Work, Grammisgalan, Banditgalan, Melodifestivalen, Eurovison, TV Producenternas Pris, Sommarkrysset, Grand Opening off Tele2, Rockbjörnen, Disney, Fuse, Nitro Circus, Julgalan, Christmas Night, Ryttargalan. Where artists like Lars Winnerbäck, Kent, Robyn, Slash, Sabaton, Tomas Ledin, Bruce Dickinson, Robin Stjernberg, Yohio etc have performed at.

Second, the festivals,
Inferno NO, Pretty Shitty Kjell, Summerburst, Bråvalla, Way Out West and Popaganda where acts like Green Day, Ramstein, Avicii, Dark Funeral, Public Enemy, The Knife, Rodrigues, Tame Impala, Alicia Keys, Thåström, Cock Sparrer, Peter and the test tubes, Adam Beyer, Alesso, Axwell, Håkan Hellström among others.

Third some various shows, small club show to big arena concerts.
 The Sword, The Darkness, Entombed, Bombus, Dropkick Murphys, Slash, Hellstrom, Dinosaur JR, Killers, Lonely Kamel, Petra Marklund, Louis CK, Dark Funeral, Deicide, Taake, Stiff Little Fingers, Candlemass, Lana Del Ray, Rival Sons, Ghost, Mumford & Sons, Kvelertak, Ellie Goulding, Thriller, Sarah Dawn Finer, Justin Bieber, Black Veil Brides, Bruce Springsteen, Owe Törnqvist, One Direction, Bring Me The Horizon, Roky Ericson, Supralunar, Bon Jovi, Josh Groban, Pink, Lucinda Williams, Beyonce, Kiss, Whitesnake, 3 Doors Down, 30 Seconds to Mars, Rihanna, Bad Religion, Gyllene Tider, Smashing Pumpkins, Bam Macera, Eric Saade, Leonard Cohen, Wu-tang Clan, Magnus Uggla, Tomahawk, Bosnian Rainbows, Jermemy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus, Soundgarden, Loreean, Jeff Dunham, Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted, Revocation, Editors, Balthazar, The Story So Far, Seaheaven, Like Torches, Britfloyd, Fish, Baroness, Marduk, Fleetwood Mac, Soilwork, Tom Odell, Valkyria, Limp Bizkit, Blackstar Riders, Mindless Self Indulgance, Red Paintings, Volbeat, Iced Earth, Strawberry Blonde, Heavens Basement, Silverstain, Paladies, Dream On Dreamer, Kurt Viel, Amorphis, Dark Tranquillity, Luminers, Bill Burr, Satyricon, The Word Alive, Dayshell, I See Stars, Adept, Constrain, Normandie, More Than A Thousand, Håkan Hellström, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, El Perro Del Mar, Kate Nash, MS MR, Sibille Attar, Chlöe Howl, Makthaverskan, Beatrice Eli, Systraskap, Mando Diao, Thåström Among others 

And for last, 3 Tours have been made with Jerry Williams, Hong Faux and Lars Winnerbäck 

So what have been best this year, lets line it up.

Best Arena Concert: Bruce Springsteen - Friends Arena, even if the Arena really sucks sound like, as you need really to have alot of PA to make it to work! Bruce did 3 magical nights in a row, that's pretty cool.

Best Club Concert: Fish - Debaser Medis, An intimate gig with Fish, can it get much better.

Best Festival Concert: Thåström - Bråvalla Festivalen, Thåström at his best, what a artist he is.

Best Stand UP - Bill Burr at Circus, really fun!

Best Swedish Rock: Avatarium - Avatarium, Leif Edling is a genius, but that you already know :)

Best Live Recording: Mastodon - Live at Brixton

Best Song: Purson - Spiderwood Farm, What a tune, what a great feeling.

Best Cover: Black Label Society - Ain't no Sunshine when she's gone (Bill Withers Cover) The band has truly created a real lover ballad on this tune.

Best Looking T-shirt: Baroness - Tour 2013

Best Looking Hoodie 2013: Dark Funeral 20 Years

Best Beer: Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Best Whiskey: Dalwhinnie.

Best Guitar/Bass Pick: Limp Bizkit - Club Tour 2013

Best Festival: Way Out West

Best Music City: Umeå - Home of The (International) Noise Conspiracy, The Perishers, Meshuggah, Nocturnal Rites, Lisa Miskovsky, Deportees, Cult of Luna, Sahara Hotnights, Annika Norlin (Säkert!) and Syket

This Year's most active concert-goer: LG-Petrov (Same procedure as last year, hehe i see this dude everywere)

Best Blog: A Fair Judgement, With an incredible density of posts and very well written.

Best Art: Stacey Rozich 

Best Tour Poster: Black Sabbath

Best albums 2013

20. "Aftershock" - MOTÖRHEAD
19. "Puls" - PORT NOIR
18. "Mind Control" - UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS
17. "Sister" - IN SOLITUDE
16. "Vertikal" - CULT OF LUNA
15. "Last Patrol" - MONSTER MAGNET
14. "Fuzz" - FUZZ
13. "The Eldritch Dark" - BLOOD CEREMONY
12. "The Circle And The Blue Door" - PURSON
11. "Infestissumam" - GHOST
10. ”Earth Rocker” – CLUTCH
9. ”Thy Kingdom Scum” – CHURCH OF MISERY
8. ”Spiritual Migration” – PERSEFONE
7. ”Coal” – LEPROUS
6. ”Avatarium” – AVATARIUM
5. ”Pelagial” – THE OCEAN
4. ”Blood Moon Rise” – JEX THOTH
3. ”Soma” – WINDHAND
2. ”More Constant Than The Gods” – SUBROSA
1. ”Heart Of Oak” – ANCIIENTS

Tune Of The Day wish you all a Happy New Year!! Today's tune will be released a bit later on today!


Chief Rebel Angel said...

Fantastisk sammanställning - och det är i sanning imponerande vad du mäktat med detta år.
Gott Nytt, min vän!!

Stones said...

Tack detsamma du, det blev en del under 2013.

Spader Ess said...

Jäklar vilken mäktig lista. Ha nu en välförtjänt god fortsättning, både du och Tethania.

Seance said...

Wow! Imponerande årsbästalista! Vi hade en gemensam nämnare i våra årsbästalistor och tack vare er årsbästalista fick jag tips på bra band att kolla upp. Stort Tack!