Sunday, 1 December 2013

Axe - Heat In The Street

A cold breezy Sunday, December 1, Advent, at least here in Sweden, so why not try to Heat up the streets with this classic tune.

From the 4:th record The Nemesis released 1983 we find todays tune ”Heat In The Street” with the classic Texas hard rock/radio rock band ”Axe”. The band was formed in 1979.

The lineup had originally been Bobby Barth (guitar, lead vocals), Edgar Riley (keyboards, backing vocals), Mike Turpin (bass), and Bob Miles (drums). Later, Mike Osbourne was added as second guitarist, and Teddy Mueller replaced Miles on drums. They released three albums of polished pomp-metal, and reached the charts with their third, Offering, but Osbourne was killed in an automobile accident in 1984. After Axe disbanded, Barth joined Blackfoot before mounting Axe again late in the '80s with help from Andy Parker, formerly the drummer for UFO.

With cool and heavy riffage will hopefully warm you up a bit.

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