Sunday, September 8, 2013

Soundgarden - Drawing Flies

It has been a very long time since Soundgarden had a concert in Stockholm, they did a comeback festival tour last year that reached to Sweden Rock Festival. But now finally it was time for a real tour and a visit to Stockholm and Hovet.

This is a band that has reunited right in time and surely for the right reasons as they give a hell of a show and plays a raffle of tunes that spans from the hole Soundgarden repertoire where even the never tracks can fit in, excellent setlist in my eyes/ears, see it below. The atmosphere is dense and intense and many of the tunes have got a more "heavy" touch. Chris Cornell still have his voice intact and delivers a great concert.

A picture form the show:

Foto: Jimmy Björkman

Todays tune is the fiery "Drawing Flies" taken from the third album "Badmotorfinger", released 1991.

Setlist from Hovet:

Jesus Christ Pose
Let Me Drown
By Crooked Steps
Black Rain
Loud Love
Ugly Truth
Non State Actor
My Wave
Been Away Too Long
Drawing Flies
Hunted Down
Fell on Black Days
Blow Up the Outside World
Black Hole Sun
Rusty Cage

Burden in My Hand
A Thousand Days Before
Slaves & Bulldozers

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