Saturday, 14 September 2013

Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies - Thistle

After the last record, "Tabula Rasa or Death And The Seven Pillars" with "The Devil’s Blood" and the announcement of the band break-up did the "The Devil's Blood" frontman Selim Lemouchi  unveiled a choice jam from his new project, Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies.

An EP has been released in Europe, from were we find todays tune “Thistle”. Two more tracks round out the EP, titled Mens Animus Corpus — which along with that first track, a monster improv and a spaced-out instrumental add up to an album-length meditation for the morning after Tabula Rasa‘s midnight drug odyssey.

Some words from Selim about the EP:

When Sven of Ván Records told me I could record an EP on his expenses, I decided to give him a little extra for his cash. I asked Jérôme Siegelaer, with whom I had already participated for our GLOW 2010 Muziekgebouw Redesign project, to, almost without budget, film the recording of "Mens Animus Corpus" and cut a video for "Thistle". I thought it would interesting to show something of the world inside the studio as well as give these particular Enemies a moment in the limelight. I am extremely pleased with the result as their seemingly random yet meticulous nature so very well compliments the dual and contradictory sense of being free and being ensnared at the very same moment, which this song breathes into me everytime I listen it.

The Band:
Selim Lemouchi - Vocals, Guitars, FX and Bass,
Oeds Beydals - Guitar,
Micha Haring - Drums,
Marcin Hurkmans - Violin

Todays tune "Thistle" is taken from the EP "Mens Animus Corpus", the album was recorded by Roel Blommers at Rock n Roll Support Studios and mixed and mastered by Pieter G. Kloos at The Void Studios.

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