Sunday, 1 September 2013

Håkan Hellström - Det kommer aldrig va över för mig

Sunday, I felt a bit broken, which is not so strange after 3 long days on Eriksdalbadet and Popaganda festival. A festival that goes in the sign of "Indie/Pop", not really my cup of tea music wise but still it's a magical festival where the site is just wonderful. Eriksdalsbadet is situated in the southern part of central Stockholm and is a municipal swimming and sport centre near Årstaviken in Stockholm.

The outdoor bathing area was built in 1962 for the European Swimming Championships and since then there has been numerous of swimming competitions held at Eriksdalsbadet. Those who have grown up in Stockholm probably think of Eriksdalsbadet as their oasis in the summer heat, the place you went to when the beach was too far away. Since 1999 Eriksdalsbadet also have the largest and most modern indoor bath.

Before the outdoor bathing area was built there was a water treatment plant, but long before this was the place where the Eriksdals Theater was located. The Theater was unfortunately destroyed by a bomb which razed the Theater to the ground. This happened during the World War II, February 22, 1944. According testimony the bomb hit the ground right outside the fence where Popaganda’s main stage is placed.

Well it's time to sum up this years event, first of all I guess the band bookers hit the jackpot this year as this years festival got sold out, congrats! The artists on my stage really had a wide range of styles, with Swedish bands like El Perro Del Mar, Sibille Attar, Makthaverskan, Systraskap and Beatrice Eli to the US/UK artists such like Kate Nash, Chlöe Howl, MS MR and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Were Kate Nash and MS MR was the coolest on Friday and Chlöe Howl and Sibille Attar on Saturday. 

Sibille Attar the show at Popaganda festival is the last for the year, so they ended with a rain of confetti! They did a really good gig and you could really see the joy of playing live.

The big attraction for the festival was undoubtedly Håkan Hellström. An artist that I do not really understand, but that he's an awesome live performer is something you cannot get away with. Very good looking show, where the light was well-planned and the sound was brilliant.

Håkan Hellström (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈhoːkan ˈhɛlˌstrœm]; born 2 April 1974) is a Swedish musician. He got his Swedish breakthrough in the year 2000 with the song "Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg" ("Shed no tears for me, Gothenburg"). In 2005, Hellström released his fourth album, Nåt gammalt, nåt nytt, nåt lånat, nåt blått (literally: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue), which is a collection of old material that never made it onto any of his albums, a few new songs and covers. In 2006, following the birth of his son, he announced that he would take a break from touring and recording. Despite this, he still performed occasional gigs. Since then he has released his fifth album För sent för Edelweiss (Too Late for Edelweiss). Hellström played drums in the Swedish indie pop band Broder Daniel between 1988 and 1994, then briefly for Swedish alternative rock band Honey Is Cool. In 1997 he rejoined Broder Daniel to play the bass, until 2003 when he left the band again to focus completely on his solo career. 

Here are some pictures from the festival:

This years colors and duck

Stage 2

Daniels Backyard, the best festival food.


My Monitor tech in the smoke trying to read his phone :)

Sibille Attar in Action

Loadingbay at Stage 2

Håkan Hellström Live

Grande finale at Popagandafestival 2013

Todays tune is the first single release and title track from the latest album "Det kommer aldrig va över för mig".

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