Thursday, 16 January 2020

Pulver - Kings Under The Sand

Hailing from Germany, five-piece heavy metal outfit PULVER pretty recently released their first full-length album "Kings Under The Sand" via Gate Of Hell Records.

PULVER is a young and hungry bunch of guys that play freaking good metal. Even if the record is brand new, it immediately takes me back in time, I would say around the beginning of the '80s. The album "Kings Under The Sand" could easily enter the "Record Of The Week", dunno why it ended in the shadows, I guess I'm starting to get old and senile.

Anyway, the bombastic classic metal opener with "Phantom Hawk" is a real killer and the tunes that follow keeps the same quality even if they change the appearance and takes a different path during the run time of "Kings Under The Sand". You will get some JUDAS PRIEST style with galloping IRON MAIDEN harmonies a bit here and there and you get my drift about how good this is. I do recommend that you get this record asap. The album was released on May 10, 2019.


Dave Fröhlich - Vocals
Lukas Kunkel - Guitar
Alex Oster- Guitar
Gabor Eichstätter - Bass
Danny Oster - Drums

Today's tune "Kings Under The Sand" is the title tune of PULVERs latest album, no official video, but you get the music so enjoy!


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