Friday, 17 January 2020

Iron Griffin - Reign Of Thunder

The IRON GRIFFINs "Curse Of The Sky" is a really interesting Finish release in the old school and traditional heavy metal world of 2019. MAUSOLEUM GATE drummer & multi-instrumentalist Oskari Räsänen goes on a throwback metal trip through time with the first IRON GRIFFIN classic metal project. He steps out and exploring the vast terrain of proto-metal with an added twist together with vocalist Maija Tiljander who really can sing, wailing her heart out on the tunes.

IRON GRIFFIN picks up some vibes of Pagan Altar and Black Sabbath with an obscure and choppy element of the traditional heavy metal. The sound is really old and the riffs are pretty basic, but I guess it is meant to be this way and I believe it won't play for everyone, but somehow I do like it.

Oskari Räsänen - All instruments, backing vocals, writing, lyrics, producing, mixing, artwork
Tommi - Bass (CHEVALIER) 
Kristo - Guitar (ORPHAN DEVIL) 
Sakke - Guitar (ORPHAN DEVIL) 
Maija Tiljander - Lead vocals

Today's tune "Reign Of Thunder" is taken from the album "Curse Of The Sky", released March 22, 2019, on Gates of Hell Record, enjoy!

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