Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Eagle-Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

Heya You All!

Its Thetania week :D

Im showing some of my thingies that I also like beside hard F***ing rock..

Today its time for a Great guy that I encoundered in the late 90´s, cos of his sisters.

Eagle-Eye Cheery!
His father was Don Cherry a jazz artist.
His mother is Monika Cheery (born Karlsson) a painter.

He had some known siblings, the singer Neneh Cherry (half-sister)

and the singer Titiyo (steph-sister)

Whom I dearly respect, great voices both of em.

Neneh´s best song (what I think) is "7 Seconds" tillsammans med Youssou n´Dour.
Titiyo´s Breaktrough song was "Talking to the man in the moon" But I liked "Come Along".

He was born in Sweden, but then when he was sent to school in New York.
Later on he went back to Sweden.
Got a big hit with his album "Desireless" he got so much work after that album so he worked
it was unbeareble. He still does music and really good songs.
Do listen to his new´er tunes as well, sutch as "Can´t Get Enough" 

Just wanted to put a big HELLO YOU GUUYS for him cos he is awesome!!!

I´ll post 2 more videos from Neneh and Titiyo  <3 br="">

His Facebook page is here 

Ladys and Gents here you have Eagle-Eye Cherry!

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