Monday, 26 March 2018

Jerry Williams - The Bottle Let Me Down

 Hey You All, Im Back!

Stones is working a lot these days so im helping him this week :D

Today a big Artist from Sweden has left the building.

Jerry Williams is his artists name, his real name is Sven Erik Fernström.
1963 he was in a band called The Violents and I bellieve they were support to The Beatles when they had a tour in Sweden that year.
Later on he made his carrier as a solo singer.
In the name of Rock'n & Roll!

And the way just went up for this guy!
Jerry even got a stamp made  :D
He have been in musicals, movies etc.

I learned to know him under The Farewell tour 2013.
A great tour!!

He said im 70 and have 50 years in the line of Rock & Roll, thats something huh!!
He was a very humble and kind person, and always had a smile and kindness in his face.


Find his Facebook page here

Ladys And Gents Here you have Jerry Williams from 2010.

Love, Thetania

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