Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Mats Ronander - Kött & Blod

Howdy Folks!

In my youth I was really a fan of this guy, Mats Ronander, Swedish Rock, Blues etc.

I remember going to this joint "Maria Hissen" a place were all kinda musicans playing.
blues, progressive rock etc etc.. I loved them all. Mats played the with a great guitarist Lasse Wellander..  Mmm remember those days.. Awesome!!!!

Mats is a guitarist and a great singer, his voice is very special.
Its like he live in his lyrichs, the feeling he have is outstanding!

He has been a guitarist in the biggest Swedish bands as ABBA and Ulf Lundell and more.

Mats is born in Sundsvall, way up north in Sweden. Then he moved down to Örebro.

I did a show with all kinda stars in 2000 something, and he was one of em... at a party we had.
I sat down and spoke to him it was very nice.

Mats Homepage is Here

Folks, Here are Mats Ronander and his song "Kött och Blod"  = Meat and Blood :D
and u get a bonus a song that i doo like about my Country SWEDEN :D

With Love and Blood, Thetania

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