Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Biblical - Mature Themes

BIBLICAL, a bunch of roaring rockers from Toronto, Canada.

A band that was formed during the spring of 2010, BIBLICAL is the roar of mountains splitting and oceans parting. The band’s fierce live show has earned it festival and touring slots with top artists such as EAGLES OF DEATH METAL, DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979, KYUSS, RED FANG, TORCHE and EYEHATEGOD.

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Mr. Swayze could not be reached for comment.

In 2011 BIBLICAL released a self-titled EP that delighted rock fans with a blast of tense garage metal, steeped in minor-key twang. POP MATTERS called the release “a grand debut,” while stoner aficionados THE OBELISK praised the band’s sound, noting “BIBLICAL‘s swagger is definitely their own.”

In 2014, the group embarked on a 5-week North American tour with DFA1979 in support of their debut full-length "Monsoon Season". A interesting album indeed, got one of the old singles in draft mode, half written but never published, why...who knows, soon, well hopefully. Lauded by PITCHFORK as a “climactic, Red Sea-parting surge of narcotic guitar noise,” "Monsoon Season" earned critical acclaim from both metal and indie outlets alike. METAL SUCKS pegged the album as “an early contender for year-end-list honors,” while KEXP SEATTLE praised the band as “apocalyptic rock and roll, worthy of the lasting canon.”

September 2017 was the month when BIBLICAL released thier sophomore full-length "The City That Always Sleeps". The product of almost 2 years in the studio, the album is a deep dive into sludgy psych rock that explores spaces, textures and tones beyond the outer limits. Heavy, propulsive and totally hypnotic, "The City That Always Sleeps" is BIBLICAL at its weapons-grade best, leveraging rhythm and dynamics to explosive effect. The album was released September 15th, 2017

And like an old superstition or a venerable jazz standard, familiar constituents bubble up to the surface: something old, something new, something borrowed—and perhaps most important—something blue.

Cool Vinyl Version of "The City That Always Sleeps"

Today's tune "Mature Themes" is the first single from the brand new album "The City That Always Sleeps". Based on the 1997 film 'Go' by Jacob Blackstock. Edited by Nick Sewell. Additional footage courtesy of the Prelinger Archives. Enjoy!

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