Thursday, 14 September 2017

Jesper Binzer - The Future Is Now

"Dying Is Easy" is the title from the upcoming solo album with Jesper Binzer, Jesper is best known as the singer from D-A-D.

This is the first soloalbum from Jesper, set to be released on November 3:rd. After 11 album and many thousands of concerts all around the globe it's the first time he is done somethings by him self. A creative soul the last year have made him do this. And as far as I am informed a new D-A-D album is in the pipeline as well.

"Dying Is Easy" contains 10 tunes that will be awesome to play soonish. A few tunes have already been released, today you will hear one of them here at Tune Of The Day.

"The musical thoughts pressed on and it itched in my fingers to free the ideas I had in my head, and they should be fired off. For the first time, I did something alone. It started just over a year ago where I was at home with the guitar and worked on a song that I eventually found out about myself. And since then text and music dropped out of me and at the end of the year I realized that I was actually making an entire solo album" says a happy Jesper Binzer.

On the album "Dying Is Easy" he has been working with Søren Andersen and recorded the album at Medley Studio. The record is mixed by Jacob Hansen, the man behind the production of VOLDBEAT.

He will also do a few solo concerts in Denmark around the release.

31.10 POSTEN - Odense
01.11 TRAIN - Århus
02.11 LOPPEN - København

Today's tune "The Future is Now" by Jesper Binzer, the tune is written for the World Boxing Super Series.

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Spader Ess said...

Riktigt bra, verkar bli ett kanon album om dom två låtar jag hittills hört är en vägvisare.