Friday, 15 September 2017

Laust Sonne - Reckless

Laust Sonne best know as the drummer in the Dansish rock band D-A-D, he could barely speak when he first picked up drums at the tender age of 3 and as today, years on, he’s still out there doing his thing, not only playing drums, but also guitars, piano, synths and keyboards and doing vocals. Now he is ready to hit the charts as a solo act, releasing his very personal debut album completely under own name.

This album is the result of his own vision, his own songwriting, and his own production. It’s played by him and has a modern electronic pop sound that suits his tender voice perfectly.

“I started playing drums nearly as I learned to walk ” Laust explains, ” and I have since played thousands of live concerts, from small clubs to huge stadiums, have been in famous bands, had my own projects on the sideline, picked up guitar and piano, even saxophone, but I somehow feel that in the last few years I have found what I finally can call ‘my sound’. This is me, after years as a professional, with a production that completely suits my vocals, it feels like everything is coming together. I have played music in all different genres, and with this album I ve allowed myself to embrace them all, you can hear things in there that is not the average modern electronic pop, and that makes me really happy”

At the age of 20 Laust left for first London then Los Angeles, USA , and on his return four years later he became a real personality in Scandinavia, not only because of his massive musical talent, but also as the public figure he is, a real, nice and approachable pop star.

Laust Sonne has toured all over the world, played 1000’s of concerts in metropoles such as Beijing, New York, Paris, London and Berlin along the way. He has had 3 albums to reach the top of the Danish charts, and 3 albums peaking at no. 2.He´s had 5 no 1 singles on the airplay charts including "Everything Glows" and "Spell on You", all of them receiving “the most played this week” tag on the biggest radio station in DK.His releases has both received rave reviews and topped the Danish radio charts for long periods of time. He’s won 4 Grammy, a Nordic lifetime achievement award and the ‘musician of the year’ award in Denmark, the most prestigious music award for musicians there.

Today's tune "Reckless" taken from his latest record "Relations", enjoy!

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