Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Hurula - Ont Som Jag

Last weekend it was time for the yearly festival Popaganda, the last one of the year 2017, the autumn is here again, the darkness is waiting in the corner.

This years Popaganda did include acts like THE VACCINS, PHOENIX, TOVE LO, alt-J, Oscar Lindros, RADIO DEPT, HURULA among others. As a man like me don't really fit in the area like this, to little rock to please my heart. To be honest, not many band was familiar to me at all, except the northern rock band HURULA and Oscar Lindros. And I was pretty lucky, I had HURULA on my stage and he was furious and angry that resulted in a freaking good show, the lyrics are in Swedish and have a little punkish feeling.

Here is some photos from the phone, quickies during the evening so the quality is not the best, but better than nothing,

The Duck is on it's way to get placed on the safe spot in the festival :)

Ana Diaz in action.

Hurula live!

Joy is hidding in the smoke and confetti.

Janice is doing her soundcheck.

Skott is performing.

Radio Dept live

Thomas Stenström live.

Alice S live

Drummer from Hurula...also playing in Glasvegas.

Foto: Magnus Sandberg

Setlist from Popagande.

Kom över nu
Helvete här
Om jag tänker alls
Stockholm brinner
Ny drog
Skjut mig
Sluta deppa mig
Åtta trappor
Allt ska försvinna
Ont som jag

Today's tune "Ont Som Jag”, taken from the latest album "Vapen Till Dom Hopplösa" enjoy!

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