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White Stones - Kuarahy

Monday, new week, time to present "Record Of The Week".

From Martin Méndez, bassist of the ubiquitous OPETH comes WHITE STONES, a solo death metal project, that their debut album named "Kuarahy" (pronounced Kwa-Ra-Hee) will be released on March 20th, 2020 via Nuclear Blast.

Martín Méndez was just 17 years old when he moved from Uruguay to Sweden to play bass in OPETH. During the years with OPETH that gravitated towards the more progressive and psychedelic territory and leaving the type of music, he was grown up. With WHITE STONES debut he revisits the heaviness he started out playing. The album "Kuarahy" is named after his birthplace in Uruguay, “Kuarahy” is the native Uruguayan people’s word for "Sun", the record represents a return to his roots, both familial and musically. By exploring the forgotten paths of his ancestors via the style of music that remains his one true love - death metal.

"Kuarahy" is a groovy, heavy, and dark piece, that easily could associate it with an old OPETH album, like "Deliverance" for instance. It's not the same, a pretty unfair association, but it will work out for those who want that OPETH growls again :) On the album has Mendez taking care of both bass and rhythm guitar in the studio, along with the singer Eloi Boucherie (VIDRES A LA SANG) and drummer Jordi Farre (CRUCIAMENTUM), and his OPETH bandmate Fredrik Akesson has taken care of all of the guitar solos, except for one tune were former KATATONIA and BLOODBATH guitarist Per Eriksson shows his skill.

The album has a dark and atmospheric vibe with lots of progressive thinking in the tune buildings. I guess there the associations with OPETH. From the short instrumental opening with the title tune that builds up the path for melodic and progressive "Rusty Shell", tasty and heavy riffs with growling vocals, an excellent piece of music to kick start the album. There are plenty of excellent tunes on the album, like the progressive and delightful "Drowned In Time" or "The One" where we get served a great solo by Per Eriksson."Worms" is a groovy beast and "Guyra" is another tasty piece with catchy hooks and delicious riffs and where Frederik Akesson provides a solo that you will fall backward on. It doesn't end here, the tune "Ashes" forces thru like an overheated iron factory with its living and wide structure. The progressive and a bit far-out "Infected Soul" is beauty in itself, also the following "Taste Of Blood" is an excellent one. The album closes up with the sentimental "Jazy" and ends up an excellent debut that will get a lot of spins in the future. The album was Recorded at Farm Of Sounds studios, Barcelona, Produced by Martin Mendez, Mixed & Mastered by Jamie Gomez at Orgone Studios, UK

Sum: An excellent debut in the veins of OPETH, you need this!

Touring Line-up:
Jordi Farré - Drums
Albert Martí - Rhythm guitar
Joao Sassetti - Lead guitar
Eloi Boucherie - Vocals
Martin Mendez - Bass

Recording Line-up:
Martin Mendez - Bass & Guitars
Eloi Boucherie - Vocals
Jordi Farré - Drums
Featuring guest solos by Frederik Akesson & Per Eriksson

Today's tune "Drowned In Time" is taken from the debut album "Kuarahy", enjoy!

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