Monday, 28 May 2018

Palace Of The King - Get Right With Your Maker

Monday, time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

The Australian rockers PALACE OF THE KING have released their third full-length album, "Get Right With Your Maker".

Their style of music brings back some good old rock ‘n’ roll that has the bluesy feels of the 70s and with "Get Right With Your Maker" they have a broader palette than before and steps in many styles and decades and they are doing it with bravura.

"Get Right With Your Maker" is a 10 tune stomper of pure bluesy rock 'n roll that will sting you like a fishing hook already on the first slow notes in the opening track "I Am The Storm", it's 7 minutes of magic, where Tim's vocal is just stunning, the melody is catchy and moves so smoothly true and in the middle part the tune flows out that you almost get's lost in the storm of weather psychedelia that reminds of THE DOORS. "It’s Been A Long Time Coming" is a more an album opening choice than the previous tune, here you get a 80's party rocker like WINGER, RATT and CINDERELLA. "Sold Me Down the River" is a chunky piece, with a catchy lyrics. "A Dog With A Bone" is a groovy southern rock tune, funky guitars, and organs. "Said the Spider to the Bird" is a great piece of old-school BLACK CROWES with groovy keys. "Move Through The Fire" have a heavier sound with classic melody and catchy riffs. "The Serpent" has a great HENDRIX intro, groovy riffs, and excellent solo. "Horizon" is another groovy rocker with a really cool hook. "Fly Like An Evil" is a heavy piece, chunky riffing, nice flavor in the melody. "Back On My Feet Again" closes the album with a real supurb catchy rocker, heavy feel blended with bluesy guitars and melodies. Once again these guys show that they are real musical talents and that hard work really does pay off.

The album was released on March 23rd via Golden Robot Records.

Tim Henwood – Vocals/Guitar
Sean Johnston – Keys/Guitar
Travis Dragani – Drums
Anthony Licciardi – Bass

Sum: A great bluesy rock album that is worth checking out.

Today's tune "It's Been A Long Time Coming", taken from "Get Right With Your Maker", enjoy!

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