Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Mysteriet - Hvem är du Lucifer?

Hvem är du Lucifer? is the first single from MYSTERIETs second full-length album "Efterskalv", released at the end of 2017.

Hvem är du Lucifer? (Who are you Lucifer?) Is a poem set to music by MYSTERIET. It was written in 1894 by the labor movement poet Ernst Hellborg and use metaphors that were common in the early labor movement's poetry where mythological figures as Lucifer, Prometheus, and even Satan had to symbolize rebellion against authority.


Erik Sundler - Trummor & Slagverk
John Grahn - Gitarr & Sång
Andreas Swan - Gitarr
Lasse Gunnarsson - Bas

The B-side is MYSTERIETs cover version of the singer/songwriter Dan Berglund's song "Vildmarken" (The Wilderness) from 1985. The originally quiet, ominous ballad has in the orchestration of MYSTERIET been transformed into a more defined rock song.

Enjoy today's tune!

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