Monday, 21 May 2018

Lik - Carnage

Monday, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

"Carnage" is the followup of the debut album "Mass Funeral Evocation" by the Swedish death metal band LIK (which fittingly means corpse in Swedish).

"Carnage" is a un-dead creation which offers a plate of savory old school death metal, a rare gem in the metal genre of classic Swedish death metal. This album contains the all the basics of the dirty and distorted sounds of maggots and seeds, spiced up with insane buzzsaw guitar tones, a filthy vocal that fits extremely well, something that is hard to get! The melody is mixed with insanely heavy riffs from them all. The sound is clear and crisp even if it's distorted like hell... Chris drumming hits the toms hard and fast and at the right time, the snare sounds gorgeous and the guitars... I get freaking goosebumps, well done Nille and Tomas. It's simple and complex at the same time, the perfect mix to create a wonderful time with the stereo, car or in your head with in-ears.

"Carnage" kicks of with a guitar driven intro before the rest of the gang joins the crusade "To Kill", it's a big slab in your face tune with a great sense in the melody, heavy angry riffing and a furious vocal. "Rid You Of Your Flesh" is the first single and continues to smack the listener in the face, by now you should start turning blue :) "Celebration Of The Twisted" rolls over all the dead bodies like a bulldozer, impossible to stop. "Dr Duschanka", second single and today's tune, continues the path between heaven and hell. "Left To Die" have a doomish feel and runs in half pace before it accelerates to a more heavier classic rock tune, harch and cruel! "Cannibalistic Infancy" is a quick beast, heavy precision blast beats and a marching speed. "Death Cult" is a classic sounding fast death metal piece that makes you grin like a kiddo. "The Deranged" is a half-paced tune, heavy distorted riffs, slow drumming and downtempo but excellent vocals. Then we turn the page to something different in "Only Death is Left Alive", were they forces the path with a huge machete, the tune also has an amazing guitar solo. "Embrace the End" wraps up the bag with coagulated bloody ribbons, you can feel the smell of rotten corps that oozes out from the cracks and all you want to do is spin it one more time. "Carnage" is a memorable album, much because of the musicianship between these yents and they have managed to create an essential piece of modern Death Metal!

Sum: "Carnage" is a freaking monster!

"Carnage" was released May 4th through Metal Blade Records. Behind the recording, we find once again Lawrence Mackrory and the topping is made by Daniel Bergstrand at the famous Dugout studios in Uppsala.

Band Members:

Chris Barkensjö – drums & vocals
Tomas Åkvik – vocals & guitars
Niklas “Nille” Sandin – guitars & bass

Today's tune "Dr Duschanka", taken from "Carnage", enjoy!

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