Thursday, 3 May 2018

Caronte - Abraxas

CARONTE is an heavy acid doom metal band hailing from Parma, Italy, formed in the 2010. CARONTE tunes are inspired by drugs, alcohol abuse, death, black masses, sex, esoterism ,mysticism and shamanism.

They have unleashes an impressive serving of quality doom/stoner metal.

The band have already made six works. 2011 - "Ghost Owl", 2012 - "Ascension", 2013 - "Split Caronte", 2014 - "Church of Shamanic Goetia", 2016 - "Codex Babalon" and 2017 – "Yoni"

The good feedbacks received have permitted at the band to play all over the Europe, share the stage with bands like ELECTRIC WIZARD, BLOOD FARMERS, COUGH, FORGOTTEN TOMB, THE DEVILs BLOOD, IN SOLITUDE, PAGAN ALTAR among many others.


Dorian Bones – Vocals
Henry Bones – Desecratorbass
Tony Bones – Guitars
Mike de Chirico – Drums

Today's tune "Abraxas" is taken from the bands latest album "Yoni", enjoy!

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