Thursday, 30 March 2017

The Picturebooks – The Rabbit and the Wolf

THE PICTUREBOOKS are two bikers that creates a steely, enticing blues-saturated heavy rock, with Fynn playing on obscure vintage guitars he bought from thrift shops around the world, while Philipp beats a drum set that consists of the largest possible drums that he hits with heavy duty felt beaters. The set has no cymbals whatsoever and instead includes a few self-made percussion instruments with huge chains, bells, and more. It's fresh out of the grittier end of Nashville, or that’s what you’d think, if they weren’t actually German. Expect motorbikes, heavy chains, wild-eyed blues and guitars that sound like they were cooked up in a tin shed. In a very good way.

The German duo featuring Fynn Claus Grabke [vocals, guitar] and Philipp Mirtschink [drums] performs

Today's tune "The Rabbit and the Wolf" is produced by THE PICTUREBOOKS (Fynn Claus Grabke and Philipp Mirtschink). Filmed by Claus Grabke, Jim Gray, Gabriel Mann, Ben Ott, Danny Koetter and Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau. Edited by THE PICTUREBOOKS and Claus Grabke.

"Nothing in the video for ‘The Rabbit and the Wolf’ is staged, we just filmed what happened on tour or when hanging around with our friends, riding choppers, skating etc. Some of it was filmed in Europe and some in the US. The lyrics in the song kinda describe us and the way we feel when being on tour, so it seemed appropriate to use mostly tour-footage for the video. Most of the smaller locations in this video are what really made this band. People believed in us and gave us the chance to play, even before we were signed. We kept coming back till the place was finally packed. We owe these people a lot!"

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