Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Heavy Tiger - I Go for the Cheap Ones

HEAVY TIGER is a three piece chic band apart from Stockholm, Sweden. The outcome of one pure mission in the mind of guitarslinger & singer Maja Linn: to form a Killer Rock 'n' Roll Band! Great songs, uncompromising live performances and true ambitions were the ingredients to build it all upon. No band member was allowed to be short of dedication, or talent for that matter.

Luckily this crazy rock 'n' roll heart eventually found her sisters in arms. Drummer Astrid Carsbring and Sara Frendin on bass, both truly good musicians, were just the right people to team up with. They soon became close friends as well and HEAVY TIGER was a fact. The year was 2010 and the girls turned 17.

Vinyl Version of Glitter

Today's tune "I Go for the Cheap Ones" taken from their album "Glitter", Enjoy!

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