Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Dark Rites - Hall of the Slain

DARK RITES have released their self-title debut record, this trio comes from three different countries, Sweden, UK and USA. DARK RITES plays a classic mix of hard and heavy, a combination of Death Metal melodic lines, powerful riffs, Trash Metal tempos, Heavy Metal solos which combined with powerful vocal offer a unique metal experience.

DARK RITES was established by Randy and Wojtek in early 2016. Two dudes that have known each other for years and they played together in few bands before DARK RITES was called to life. Oskar joined us shortly afterwards. Together they crafted their self-titled debut.

DARK RITES Consists of:

Randy Kaciak - USA - Drummer/Manager with a passion for brutal melodic metal, played in many bands over the years, full of enthusiasm for this project.

Wojtek Widuch - UK - Guitarist/Composer for Dark Rites, full of ideas, probably enough for next 10 albums. Strongly rooted in Heavy Metal but over the years gained love for Melodic Death Metal.

Oskar Åsfjäll - SWEDEN - Definitely Viking spirit in the band with wild and powerful Vocals which will break you as easy as Axe is breaking bones during Blood Eagle.

Today's tune "Hall Of The Slain", taken from the debut album, released 23rd of January 2017. Enjoy!

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