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Horisont - About Time

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"About Time" is the fifth album from the Swedes in HORISONT.

Formed in 2006, HORISONT have spent close to a decade kicking ass, taking names and establishing themselves at the forefront of the Scandinavian retro rock revival (see also WITCHCRAFT, GRAVEYARD etc), injecting their sound with early-STATUS QUO-styled boogie blues, prog complexities, NWOBHM swagger and fire-spitting choruses set to scorch the eyebrows of the first ten rows. This is music made without irony, unafraid to acknowledge an allegiance to past greats such as DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH, CACTUS, THIN LIZZY, the aforementioned YES and JUDAS PRIEST.

"About Time" is like a bag of sweet candy canes of nostalgia, a sound that harks back to the dawn of the 70s, when a new clutch of heads decided it was time to harsh the 60s hippies’ mellow and paint it black; those years when the twin spirit of hard rock and prog rose to redefine sound. "About Time" is not unique, it will not give you anything that is fresh or new thinking in anyway, it will give you something that is already made, something you surly already have heard more than once, but HORISONT will give you one hell of a journey true the classics in their own way, something that in my ears is freaking good even if it's recycled material.

The album is well produced and really well played, a fun record to listen to, me like. "About Time" clocks in at 37 minutes, 10 tunes that swings in many directions, the album starts with "The Hive", a smooth melodic harmony until it accelerate, like when you drive in rush hour, back and forth. "Electrical" is a guitar driven tune with a great hook, "Without Warning" have a great old school stomp, "Letare", is done in a native language (Swedish), reminds me of the classic band NOVEMBER, great tune about digging gold. "Night Line" is a classic STATUS QUO boogie, with NWOBHM riffs, "Point of Return" takes a more progressive turn, like a you squeeze KING CRIMSON with a CACTUS, excellent melodic tune, "Boston Gold" have an american radio rock touch from the 80's, like Ace Frehely is playing guitar here, cool stomper. "Hungry Love" & "Dark Sides" follows the duel guitars, classic and elegant hard rock riffs with great vocals. The album closes up with the title track, a real HORISONT beauty. A well made album guys.

Sum: It's "About Time" you get this!

The LP will be available in the following vinyl colors:

Black vinyl – unlimited Lilac vinyl – limited to 200 copies / exclusively at Bengans
Clear vinyl – limited to 100 copies / exclusively at CMDistro
Silver vinyl – limited to 200 copies / exclusively at Green Hell
Transparent Green vinyl – limited to 200 copies / exclusively at Nuclear Blast
Yellow vinyl – limited to 300 copies / US only

The fabulous artwork for ”About Time” is once again crafted by the wizard of art himself – Henrik Jacobson, who also did the ”Odyssey” artwork. Henrik has managed to capture the concept of the album and title in a brilliant HORISONT way. The band couldn’t be happier with the result and it's awsome!

Today's tune is the title track from "About Time", enjoy! "About Time was released February 3rd 2017

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